Cardinal Opportunities Seeks Mentors For Upper Dublin High School Students

Jan 19, 2021


Cardinal Opportunities, a one-to-one mentoring program for Upper Dublin High School students, is looking for adults (25 years of age or older) to serve as mentors. Volunteer to be part of this dynamic program by sharing your life experiences and knowledge with a high school student to help them make the most of their high school experiences.

If you have four hours a month to spend with a student and the willingness to provide counsel, friendship, and constructive guidance, you can help a young person achieve his or her potential. After background checks and training a mentor will be matched with a student and may provide many forms of support, such as the following:


  • Advice and guidance in decision-making while encouraging the student to make his/her own decisions and to be responsible for the possible consequences


  • Career advice and experience to assist the student in developing and refining skills needed in everyday living


  • Friendship, understanding, and caring. Being available when a listening ear is needed. Giving encouragement and praise, building confidence.


For 21 years, the Cardinal Opportunities Mentoring Program has supported more than 100 high school students in the District through volunteer mentors. One of these graduates summed up his experience: “You taught me that no matter where you come from, all you need is the will to succeed in life and to pursue the gift of knowledge.” Another added, “From what you taught me I can also pass this to someone else who needs help in life.”

It’s not only the students who benefit from the program. The mentors also feel enriched by their interaction with the young people and each other. One wrote: “We have both grown through new shared experiences-sometimes educational… and sometimes just for fun.”

Orientation/Training for new mentors will be scheduled within the next few months, virtually for the time being until we can again meet each other in person. To volunteer or find out more about Cardinal Opportunities contact Sue Diehl at 215-913-9370 or