Innovation Grant Program

The Upper Dublin Education Foundation's Grant Program is designed to encourage innovation and to develop resources and meet needs that are not addressed in existing District programs. In the past 5 years, UDEF has funded more than $100,000 in classroom grants and continues to respond to the needs of the school district.  We are grateful for the generous support from individuals, corporations and private foundations that make our Grant program possible.

Any new project, idea, or innovation for which funding is sought must be aligned with the Foundation's overall mission of enhancing the educational experiences and lifetime opportunities of students in our District.


The Fall grant application deadline is October 18, 2021; the Spring deadline is May 2, 2022.  


UDEF approved 15 grants totaling nearly $20,000 for the 2019-2020 school year:

Catherine Adamski (MGES): Finding Books for All Learners: High Interest/Low Level Chapter Books

Maria Burke (SRMS): UDSD Faculty In-service - “Creating an Experience”

Maria Burke (SRMS): “Give Everyone a Voice” -  QBalls for middle and high school”

Jeff Dillon (All Elementary - Grades 2-5 Enrichment): Turing Tumble - Using Marble Powered Computers to Teach Problem-Solving & Team Building

Crystal Dunn (TFES): Building Creative Inventors -- STEAM Maker Space

Sara Farrell & Crystal Dunn (JTES, TFES): Henri Rousseau - Welcome to the Jungle Traveling Art Exhibit

Jennell Irvin (JTES): Morning STEAM Tubs

Brad Lieberman (K-12 Instructional Technology): The World is our Classroom: Technology to Support Virtual Reality Learning Experiences

Brian Palme (UDHS): Game of Clue: Technology for Real-Life Simulation of Crime Solving in the Forensics program

Doug Sample (UDHS): RC Circuits for Physics Lab

Richard Schmidt (UDHS): Augmented Reality “Sandbox” Applications in the Sciences

Richard Schmidt/Bret Stover (UDHS): Students vs. Wild: Equipment to Enhance Survival Science and Fitness Course 

Chris Smith (UDHS): Living Moss Wall

Melissa Traber (JTES): Morning STEAM Think Tubs – Expanded             

Jennifer Tulli (UDHS): Portable Visual Arts Gallery Wall

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible for a Grant?


All teachers and staff are available to apply for a grant.


Is there a limit on the amount of funds a teacher can apply for?


Proposals should not exceed $5,000. Larger amounts can be considered if phased over more than one year.


What is the application deadline?


The deadlines are October 18 and May 1.


Where do I send my application?


Share your completed application via google docs with the following people: Superintendent’s office ( and Chief Academic Officer ( Director of Technology & Innovation ( UDEF Executive Director Michelle Boas ( UDEF Admin Bryn Dartley (


How are the awards determined?


A subcommittee will review all proposals and make award recommendations to the UDEF board who will, in turn, authorize all Grant awards and finalize award amounts, The Foundation may require additional information from an applicant, if necessary. The Foundation will promptly notify applicants of all award decisions.


If I am awarded a grant, do I need to report back to UDEF?


Yes, in submitting an application, you agree to provide the Foundation with a Grant Status Report no later than one month after completion of the funded project or innovation.


What should my Grant Status Report include, and where should I send it?


The Grant Status Report should be submitted electronically to Michelle Boas, executive director of UDEF. This brief report will summarize your grant and provide an assessment of how successfully the funded project achieved its desired goals. Please include at least one electronic photograph of your Grant "in action."