Mental Wellness Initiatives

In support of student mental wellness, Upper Dublin Education Foundation has partnered with the Upper Dublin School District and the organization Be a Part of the Conversation to bring our community three virtual parent/guardian events focused on mental health in 2022. 

Thursday, February 24: " The Search for Identity": Many young people are searching for their identity, feeling pressured by a label, or just trying to belong. How does this journey put some young people at risk for substance use or other behavioral disorders? How can family members best support youth by nurturing their identity? To answer questions like these, a panel of behavioral health professionals will explore risks and warning signs, and provide families and educators with the tools needed to empower young people with a healthy sense of self.


Monday, March 28: " Kids & the Tech/Life Balance": Now more than ever, technology plays a vital role in all our lives. It keeps us connected and can educate, illuminate and entertain. With increased use, kids can develop an unhealthy dependence on tech as an escape or way to avoid life's challenges. Gaming, social media, and streaming entertainment can be fun and relaxing, but moderation can easily slide toward dependence. We'll provide strategies to help our kids develop a healthy relationship with technology, and skills to practice self-care.


Monday, April 18: " Isolation: The New Drug of Choice": Parents frequently tell us that they have to beg their teens to get out of the house and see their friends." Add to this challenge the consequences of living through a pandemic. Parents will learn how we can encourage young people to stop isolating while navigating the challenges of public health restrictions as a result of COVID-19. With the ever-increasing dependence on laptops, smart phones, social media, and online gaming, especially during these past 18 months, it's no wonder teens and young adults prefer to stay in their rooms rather than connect with their peers IRL (in real life). This presentation will address the causes of chronic isolation, the effects of living through a pandemic, and will guide parents in ways they can help teens to break the isolation cycle.